Video transcription

Hi, I'm Max Eberle, Producer of the Instructional DVD series Powerful Pool, World Class Fundamentals and now, I'm going to show you how to make the jump shot in pool. So, you're going to need the cue ball, two object balls, a jump cue and a regular playing cue and of course your piece of chalk. So, you're going to start out with the jump cue, and this comes in handy when you want to jump the cue ball over an object ball, especially if it's, if the object ball is pretty close, or you have to jump over the full ball. Second, you want to find your line of aim to make your object ball. Then third, you want to elevate shoot down on the ball. So, from an angle kind of look like this, you're going to be hitting the cue ball right about your, anywhere in the range from here to here; not too high and not, not too low. So, right about in there. And that's how to make a jump shot.