Video transcription

Hi, my name is Andrea Pratt, and this is USA Gymnastics World in Bountiful, Utah. I'm here with Paige whose going to begin by showing us a sitting pike stretch. The materials you will need are a floor and a wide open space. You begin in a pike sit with your legs straight and pointed in front of you, sitting straight up. You're going to stretch your hands all the way out and grab the bottoms of your feet. You want your whole torso to be laying on your legs with no space in between while keeping your knees straight. You can mirror you're facing your knees and that is a pike stretch. Another stretch that's important for gymnasts is called the bridge. She's going to, Paige is going to lay on her back and she's going to put her hands flat with her fingers pointing toward her shoulders. It's important that they don't point the other way. That is a common mistake made by beginning gymnasts. She's going to bend both knees and put her feet flat on the ground. Then, she's going to press up to a bridge. In a bridge, you want to keep your knees straight, pressing your shoulders far over your wrists. This is a correct bridge position. Paige has just shown us a correct pike and bridge position. This is USA Gymnastics World, I'm Andrea Pratt.