Video transcription

Hi, I am Amelia Smith, a professional stylist, and I am going to show you how to pin up hair. For this clip, you will need hairpins, your location, and your styling product. I have already curled my model's hair. So, what I am going to do is, after I have curled it, I might take a little bit of shine spray or some pomade and spray it through the hair, and that is going to smooth out any frizzies or flyaway hairs. Then, I am going to grab a section. And, I always like to tease underneath a little bit, just to give a little bit more volume. So, you are going to take your comb, comb out the section, twist it, take your hairpin, and pin it in. Now, with hairpins, I prefer to use them, but they can be a little tricky. So, the best thing to do is before you put your hairpin into the design, you are just going to want to open it up just a little bit. Or, you can even tighten it depending on what you are trying to get. So again, take your section of hair. Comb it out. Twist it up and roll it. Take your pin, and just slide it in. You are going to want to do that all the way around the rest of the head, until you get the effect that you are looking for. And that is how you pin up hair.