How to Clean Fiberglass

Video transcription

Hi. I'm Rachael Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to clean fiberglass. If you have fiberglass in your home, it's usually a tub or a shower or something like that. You really want to clean it in a way that you would clean any other bathroom surface in your house. But one thing that may be different is baking soda mixed with vinegar makes a really excellent paste. Like I have right here. And if you have any stains on your fiberglass tub or shower, you can apply this paste and let it sit there. You can let it sit there for a couple of hours, you can let it sit overnight, it'll cook out any stain that you may have in the fiberglass. And it's also a good abrasive that's not too damaging. It's not going to scratch anything or mess anything up. So baking soda and vinegar makes a good paste. Another thing you want to think is, any all purpose cleaner like this is excellent for cleaning bathrooms period. So use an all purpose cleaner just to wipe down the fiberglass and wipe it clean. Another excellent cleaner for fiberglass or any kind of tubs. Let me rinse this sponge really quick, is vinegar and water. This is about a fourth or a fifth full of vinegar and the rest of it's full of water and it adds a good shine and it's an excellent disinfectant. Fiberglass is a little bit porous, so it's nice to use a disinfectant when you can't just wipe away the germs. So really any all purpose cleaner, baking soda is great for cooking out stains and vinegar and water is best to clean anything in your house, especially fiberglass. I'm Rachael Yatuzis and that is how you clean fiberglass.

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