Video transcription

Same kind of technique as the other one. Spread it about 3/4's of the thickness of your knife. Pull it out to when you go over it with your knife your just catching all of it. Using a bigger knife is a little bit harder than using a little one. This is actually the coat that when you put it on you want to get it as smooth as you can. That pretty much is just working it. Get that first one on, it's kind of bumpy but the more times you go over it the smoother it will get. Now we got that nice little semi-smooth theme going there. Now we go ahead and do our feather technique. Press in on that side and just go up on that edge. Pulls out all that extra line of mud and makes it nice and smooth. I am going to go ahead and do a swipe over this middle part. When I do that I like to go ahead and drag a nice big swatch of mud across it. Sometimes it takes putting it on a couple times to get the desired affect that you are going after. Sometimes this coat doesn't totally produce the results you want you might actually have to put another third coat, kind of a filler, before you put your last coat on. This is the last part. We are going over the rest of the nail holes. Making sure they got a nice good thick coat and all the holes are filled. Once we are done with that we will let it sit and dry for a second then we will go ahead and hit the last coat on it.