Video transcription

I'm Charlotte Lawson, registered dietitian here in Tampa Bay, Florida. If you've ever been diagnosed with bladder cancer, or any sort of cancer, and are experiencing treatments, such as radiation or chemotherapy, it can be a very interesting and scary time in your life. There are a few things with your diet that you can help to manage the symptoms of these treatments. First and foremost, watch your weight, because a lot of times these treatments are going to cause excessive weight loss. So, it's very important to keep and manage a healthy weight; that way you're at your best and your immune system can stay up to par as much as it can. Looking at healthy ways to keep weight, look at your nuts, that are a high source of good fats and high protein. Other things, such as high fiber, are going to help keep you staying full, but also keep good nutrients in your body. Making different concoctions out of milkshakes are an, also, excellent way to get down a very nutrient-dense, healthy product. Think of vegetable and fruit blends, adding good dairy products. These, again, have good calorie sources and also good protein. Also, be aware that while you're having treatment your immune system is going to be down. So, we look at a certain diet called the Neutropenic Diet, or no raw foods. These are things that must always be cooked, because a lot of times with raw foods we may have some excess bacteria or other organisms that could possibly get you sick. So, looking at a Neutropenic Diet, try to eat foods that are only cooked. This must, you know, if you are trying to have fruit, try to do more of a processed food, or cooked down food, so that you know there is nothing extra on top, as far as microorganisms. Thirdly, if you're having trouble gaining that weight and sticking with that Neutropenic Diet, you can try nutritional supplements. There are great products out there that can combine all the good fats, protein and carbohydrates that your diet, that your body should need, but again, in a small convenient package. Sometimes you're not going to want to eat. You're going to feel very tired, or you have no taste. Try to do simple things, like biting into a lemon right before you eat. This will stimulate your taste buds, and again, open you to different flavors that you may have not tasted before that lemon. Also, again, with the nutritional shakes, sometimes food may become a medicine. It is extremely important for you to keep eating nutritionally, because these treatments can be so harsh and be so detrimental to our bodies at some point, while still trying to save us, we need you to have all the appropriate nutrients in your body. So again, if you need more information on anything about cancer diets, try I'm Charlotte and eat happy.