Video transcription

Hi, my name is Michael Weisner. I'm an avid video gamer and also I have nine years of experience selling video games. And today, I'm going to explain to you about the Wii systems; Wii mode infrared system which is the motion sensors of the controller. Now, whenever we're talking about the motion sensors, everyone plays with the Wii and realizes, it doesn't play like a regular controller where you just sit there on a couch, press a few buttons. You actually are interactive with the video games. You swing the remote; left to right. Your character actually swings the sword left to right. You move a Wii mode up and down or left to right whenever you're playing like a gun game; that actually will move like the same way. The reason for that is, built inside these little controllers is a nice little infrared system that registers all the movement as well as distance of the controller. Now, second part of the Wii system's infrared structure is the top sensor bar, which you can place either at the the bottom of the television monitor at the top, and how this works is it actually reads all the movement of the Wii mode itself from the distance, detailing on those swings and movements of the controller, and helps the system register where the little icons are going to be, or your cursors, or even your crosshair triggers. I hope this is very helpful. I'm glad I could help today. I'm Michael Weisner; I'll see you next time.