Video transcription

I'm Sue Walker, and I'm going to show you a Crock-Pot meatballs recipe. You will need a large bowl, measuring spoons, measuring cups, a rubber spatula and a Crock-Pot. The ingredients are one pound of ground beef, one cup of cracker crumbs, one and one-half teaspoon of salt, one-eighth teaspoon of pepper, one tablespoon of minced onion, one egg slightly beaten, one-fourth cup of milk and one jar of marinara pasta sauce. Pour the pasta sauce into the Crock-Pot. Mix all meatball ingredients together in a large bowl. Form the meat into one and a half inch balls. As you form them, place them gently into the sauce in the Crock-Pot. After all the meatballs are in the Crock-Pot, use the spatula and gently make sure they are all coated with the sauce. Cook on high for four to five hours. During the cooking, gently move the meatballs around to make sure they are cooking evenly. Take out of the Crock-Pot and serve with rice or mashed potatoes. And that's a Crock-Pot meatballs recipe.