Video transcription

Hello, I'm Dr. Ed Owens. I'm here today to talk to you about how to tell if you have a broken tailbone. First thing that we look for if we're trying to determine if you have a broken tailbone is if you has; you have had a fall or an accident in which you fell in the seated position. In other words, your buttocks or your tailbone impacted a hard surface such as the ice; such as a hard concrete surface, things like this. And you would most likely have some pain in that area that would persist. That point you're thinking maybe I have a broken tailbone. Check in with your doctor. He is going to ask you a few questions, determine if you did have a fall. He may at that point do a rectal examination to see if the coccyx or the tailbone moves when, when he feels it. That would be an abnormal finding and it would also hurt upon movement as well. At that point your doctor most likely to really confirm a coccygeal fracture; would take a side view x-ray of your low back which the sacrum and the coccyx are visualized here. The coccyx is the very tip; it's just the very tip of your tailbone here and you'll see a black line going through there, perhaps at an angle; but they'll be a break in the bone structure that will really give us a strong clue that you, that you fractured your tailbone. And that's how you tell if you have a broken tailbone. I'm Dr. Ed Owens; thank you very much.