Video transcription

Hi my name is Janice Polen. I'm a teacher in an elementary school where I work with students in small groups as a reading and math specialist. Today I'm going to share with you some ideas for fun math games using a deck of cards. It's a great way for students to practice math facts, to understand number sense and to understand visual spatialization. The first game that we're going to play is a game called "More or Less". This would be appropriate for grades K through 2. In this game, two students are given a pile of cards, Ace through ten. The first student chooses a mystery card. He chooses that and places it face down on the table. The next student gets to guess that card by placing one of his cards face up. The mystery card happens to be an 8 and the student chose to put down a 5 so this student would say your card is less than mine, make another guess. The student then would make another guess and this student with the mystery card responds. After the card is guessed they change places and that is how they would play that game. The next game that I'm going to show you is called "Make Ten". For this game remove the face cards from the deck leaving Ace through ten cards then deal out twelve cards face up on the table. The students are going to take turns making combinations that equal ten, six plus four, eight plus two, five plus five. When there are no more combinations, deal out some more cards. Students continue doing, making combinations of ten. This game helps students to recognize the parts of ten, an important step in learning to add and subtract base ten numbers.