Video transcription

Hi, this is Sally Boy, I'm a professional wrestler from In this clip, we are going to show you how to do a wrestling sleeper hold. Now, before we actually get into it, I do want to let you guys know, please don't try this at home. Okay, unless you have a trained facility and an actual wresting training coach, do not try this at home. It's a very dangerous hold. Now, obviously here, he's going to allow him to put the sleeper hold on him. In a match, he is not actually going to let him do it, but JT Flash is going to apply it to Matt right now. Now, the whole thing with the sleeper hold is to not choke off the air supply in the neck, but to slow down the blood supply to the brain. Now, as his bicep and his forearm apply pressure to that carotid artery it will slowly slow down that blood supply to his brain and he will slowly but surely pass out. Now, he takes his other arm, he grabs a nice grip he sticks it in right there and he takes his hand behind the head and he pushes the head a little bit forward. Now go ahead, go ahead and let go I don't want him to start passing out here. But, as they start doing that the blood supply will slow down and he will end up going down for the count. This has been Sally Boy; thank you for watching.