Video transcription

Hi I'm Mary Carol Jehn, Lamb Shoppe, Denver, Colorado. Today I want to talk about the direction of stitches on a needle. And this is picking up stitches. When you are picking up stitches they always sit on the needle from the front leg is to the right of the back leg which goes over the needle. It's always right to left. Even when you are purling or knitting. So if I take off these stitches off of the needle and I want to pick them back up, I have to make sure that the direction is always right to left over the needle. Right to left over the needle. So when I am picking up stockinette stitches I am picking them up from the back. Those are knit, the knit stitch. With purling it always has to be the same direction, right to left over the needle. It sits on the needle in that way for the purling and knitting. And there my stitches are right back on.