Video transcription

Hi, I am magician Paul Weatherbee and in today's tutorial I am going to be talking about the coin matrix. First, I am going to show you how it is performed, then I am going to tell you what you need to perform that trick, then I am going to show you the secret. Here is the coin matrix, you have four coins just like this. Now, four coins, two hands. If we were to cover up two of the coins like this, wiggle the fingers just a little bit, and one of the coins travel right across. Cover up the coins again just like this. Once more, one of the coins travels right across. And finally, the last time, cover it up like this, a little wiggle with the fingers and the last coin goes right across. And that is the coin matrix. Now, I am going to tell you what you need for the coin matrix. For the coin matrix, you need four coins but you also need an extra coin. So, you need five coins. Start out with one coin either in the classic palm position or a finger palm position. Lets say you have got it in the classic palm, you put your four coins on the table, you have got the other coin in your right hand when you put your hands, rest your hands on the table and you drop the coin from the palm position so that it is laying on the table. Just like that. Catch the coin with the fleshy part of your thumb, just rest the coin rest your hand on the coin. Then, when you bring your hands over, your bring your right hand over dragging the extra coin. You cover up this coin, and then it is important to move both hands away at the same time. You leave behind the extra coin in your right hand while you are sliding the coin that is under your left hand. So, it looks like that. Cover it up again. Again, move both hands at the same time. And finally, the last time. Looks like that. When you are done with the coin matrix, you are left dirty. There is a half dollar under your left hand. What I always do when I do the matrix, is I reach over and gather up all the coins with my left hand dropping that coin with the other coins. That way people do not realize you are using a duplicate coin or an extra coin. That is the coin matrix. I hope you have fun with it, it is a cute little trick. I am Paul Weatherbee, check out Weatherbee magic dot com. Rock on, and keep your magic strong.