Video transcription

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott and I'm Director of Instruction here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today we're going to talk about how to repeat a good golf swing. Well, there's a lot to be said about that very statement in. First, we got to have a good golf swing. The materials we need for this is naturally a golf ball and a golf club. That's all we need; 'cause most people think they don't repeat their swing. They think that their golf swings are inconsistent. That's very untrue. Most people make the same golf swing every time they swing. They get inconsistent ball flags because they're golf swing is not correct. So, first thing we have to do is get that golf swing correct. To be able to repeat a swing though comes all down to the amount of energy and the speed at which you're doing it. If your energy changes from swing to swing and your speed changes from swing to swing; then your timing is going to change from swing to swing. So the key is to be able to repeat your golf swing, you have to be able to repeat the tempo or rhythm of it. There's a couple of ways of doing that to work on it and practice. One is by breathing. When I ask people to breathe, hahh, in on a back swing and, haah, out on a down swing; the rate at which you breathe in and out is the same rate that you're going to swing your muscles at. Now whereas if you swing, haah haah, fast like that; you're going to swing fast. Then if you breathe, haaah, hah; you're going to swing at that tempo. So, you can learn to find the tempo of your swing when you hit your best shots by a breathing technique. A lot of things at tougher times when I ask people to do that, it work on it. They'll find they were holding their breath when they swung. And when you hold your breath when you swung, you don't get oxygen to your muscles and your muscles work very inconsistently. So, learning the good golf swings first; second of all, repeating it, all comes about repeating tempos and speeds. So, I'm going to try to breathe a couple of times here and see if I can swing at a good tempo for you. So, get a good grip and a good stance; get a good set. Now we'll just try to do a little breathing so you could hear it. We'll go, huhh. Wow; maybe I should work on that because I hit that awfully well right there. That was a very good tempo. You saw that my arms and my body work at the same tempo, I was breathing it. This is Conan Elliott and that's how to repeat a good golf swing.