Video transcription

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott and I'm Director of Instruction here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today we're going to talk about what the arms should do in a golf swing. Well first of all, the arms have to hang, have to hold our hands out in front of us, don't they; so that we can hang onto the golf club. So, my arms literally hang from my shoulders out in front of my golf swing. It's, a lot of times, it's easier to talk about what they should not do. What they should not do is lift and swing; lift and swing. What they should do is keep me connected to my big muscles which runs the golf swing. So, my arms need to stay connected right here at the, kind of in the pack area. Some people will even tighten that pack up a little bit to keep it in there. As I turn, my arms just follow my chest. They don't create the backswing. They follow my chest. As my chest turns, my left arm needs to swing up across my body; not around my body. So, my arm just; as I turn, my arms stay connected and work up. From this point on, it's basically big muscles; my arms just literally stay connected and work. I know of a lot of people play golf arm-sy. But what we really want to do is keep our arms quiet; kind of like ropes. Here's the motor; I've got ropes out here. I turn to the right, my arms follow; I turn to the left, my arms follow; rather than my arms do the motion. So, my arms are followers in the golf swing, connected to the big muscles. This is Conan Elliott and that's how the arms should do in the golf swing.