Video transcription

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott and I'm Director of Instruction here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today, we're going to talk about how to stop blocking shots in a golf swing. The materials we need for that is a golf ball and a golf club. Well, several things cause that. The biggest thing that causes it more than anything else is getting ourself in front of the golf ball when we strike it. So, if we, if we set up to a golf ball and when, you can see how I've got my shoulders tilted to the right, and my head over to the right side. When I go back, I'm still behind the golf ball, so the golf ball is actually behind, in front of me, I'm behind it. As I start down, if I move forward of that, then I have a tendency to leave my club to the right and block it to the right. That's one of the causes. One of the other causes is being aimed too far to the right. When I aim a golf ball club, I want to get my club face and my club facing where I want it to go. But I want to stand along a line parallel to that with my body. Most people make the mistake of aiming their body to where they want it to go, therefore, making their club face aim way to the right. So, you could make a very good golf swing that way, release your hands, everything; the ball will still go out to the right. So, getting in front of the golf ball and, and aiming too far to the right, both causes to block shots to the right. So, to stop that, what we have to do is we have to get our alignment back around so our club's where we want it to go, our body is parallel to where we want it to go, then we have to get our body to where we, upper body stays back over the right side as we come down into the golf ball. So, we want to be in this position when we strike it, rather than this position. So, the answer is alignment to the target and the upper body behind the golf ball when we strike it. This is Conan Elliott, and that's how to stop blocking a golf shot.