Video transcription

Hi, my name is Lisa Gaylord. I'm a Personal Trainer with I'm here at Metropolis Fitness in Miami, Florida. In this clip I'm going to talk about and explain how we want to lose weight without getting too much loose body skin. And what that means is, when you're working out; whether you're doing squats or doing jumping jacks or you're doing kickboxing; any kind of exercise that you're doing; lunging, we talked about a lot of these clips before; we want to make sure that the, the training time is a progression. We don't want to lose weight overnight. It's got; it can't be a fast process. So, you want to think about consistently working lower body; your upper body, whether you're pressing or you're doing bench pressing or you're doing ab work; we want to do it over a very, very slow strict, steady pace, instead of a very, very short, fast, quick, fixed pace. So, remember, when we're losing weight, we didn't gain it overnight. We, we gain it over time; the same thing; the same process. Let's, let's lose the weight overtime so that body can adapt. We want to make sure everything is an adaptable phase and that way you lose weight; you'll get in shape and you won't have a lot of excess skin. And in addition to your training, what we want to do is make sure your progressions are also loaded. And when we talk about loaded progressions, we want to add resistance training; we want to add interval training; we want to add also weight-bearing exercises. I love to do plyometric work. If I have to go in the gym and lift a big bar on my shoulders; I get very bored, I get very tired; my body hurts. So, I integrate a lot of plyometrics. Looks something like this. If I did a regular squat and you've seen me do before; now I'm going to add a little bit of up. So, not just doing regular squats but we add that to it. I'll add one more component which is also strength movement is a squat hold. So, you add that altogether, regular squats; add the plyometric and then add the squat hold. And that's really want to, what's going to help you lose weight. This is Lisa Gaylord; thank you for watching.