Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rob Fair. I'm a USPTA-certified tennis professional, and today I'll going to be talking to you about how to wear a tennis elbow brace. Tennis elbow braces are used for minor strains to the elbow tendon or muscle. Step one: you want to read the directions that come with the elbow brace. Step two: you want to put the elbow brace on with the air pack facing out on the top of your arm. Step three: you want to snug, using the straps until it's tight on your arm. Step four: you want to make adjustments to this. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you can get a good strong grip on your racket without it squeezing your arm too tight, and if it is too tight you just want to loosen it just a little bit. I'm Rob Fair, and that's how to wear a tennis elbow brace.