Video transcription

Did you just buy a new chain? You'll need to remove links from that chain. Hi this is Christian at Mellow Johnny's in Austin, Texas and I'm going to show you how to remove those links. First you'll need a chain tool and your new chain. A chain tool is a specialty tool basically it has a pin here that will push the chain pin or chain link apart. You can, there is various different chain tools and you can generally pick those up at your local bike shop. Chain tools generally range anywhere from about $15 to $80. Basically the first step would be to determine your chain length which each chain comes with the information in the package and it will tell you how to determine that length. Once you have determined that you need to figure out how many links you need to remove. Most chains are approximately one inch per every two links here and once you have determined what or how many links you need to remove you will install the chain into the chain tool, apply the pressure and as you're doing so everything should be moving smoothly. If it's not you will need to recheck the assembly and make sure that the chain tool is functioning properly and you don't damage any of the outer links. Once you have removed the determined amount it should just slide apart just like that and then your chain should be the correct length and that's how you would remove the links from a chain.