Video transcription

Hi, I'm Alli Reynolds with Alli's Organics. We're going to be planting poppy seeds which is a really simple process. I like to put a bunch of composter with the surface of our, of our ground that we're going to be putting the poppy seeds in. And then I just like to rake it in lightly. Poppy seeds are better planted in the fall time; then they'll sprout early springtime. We'll just take these poppy seeds and we'll just sprinkle them really lightly over the surface and then just kind of work it in just a little bit; tamp them down. You don't really have to do anything special. Poppy seeds do better when they're planted in the ground rather than being planted in a pot because they don't like their roots to be transplanted. Poppy seeds will come up in the springtime when it starts to warm up; you'll start to see them coming up and then they'll reseed themselves for year after year and you won't really have to plant them again.