Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ali Reynolds with Ali's Organics. Today we're going to plant carrot seeds, and one thing that carrots really like is a very loamy soil that's really deep. So, if you can till it really deep, add some compost to it and then add some good organic all purpose fertilizer in there, just work that in your soil just a little bit. March is a good time to plant carrots. I take a bamboo stick and then I will just make a little indentation. I will put, I've got a little helper here. I put my carrot seeds in there, just sprinkle them in lightly. They take a little long time to come up. Sometimes it's up to three weeks to come up and so a good thing to do with carrots is to plant some radish seeds in the same row that you've already done it. That way when the radish comes up, it comes up within three to seven days then it marks the spot where your carrots were. Then just come in here and just lightly cover them and as your radishes have a tendency to come up sooner then you'll be pulling them out. It also helps break the soil loose and makes it so that carrots can come up easier. Make sure that you keep them very wet though because you don't want them to dry out while they're doing their germination. So keep them wet through this sprouting process. We can thin the carrots to about two inches apart and as you're thinning them you might as well just eat the baby carrots as they're growing, why waste and so just enjoy.