Video transcription

Hi, I'm Chris Murray professional soccer player at the Wilmington Hammerheads and I'm going to give you some ideas for soccer skills training. The materials you need for working on your skills training in soccer are a soccer ball, soccer cleats, a field and a soccer goal. In soccer there's many different types of skills that you want to be able to work on in order to become the best player you can be. The first skill that you can work on is dribbling. When dribbling a soccer ball, you always want to remember that every time your foot touches the ground, it should touch the ball. In other words, every step that you take you should touch the ball keeping it in front of you. The important thing to remember is that the faster you go the hardest it's going to be. So, I should start at a slow pace and gradually work yourself up to you're running as fast as you can and dribbling the ball. Another skill to work on is passing. Passing in soccer is very important probably one of the most important aspects in the game. Passing the soccer ball will allow you to create space for yourself and your other teammates in order to score a goal. The thing that you want to know about passing the ball is that you want to use the inside of your foot. By using the inside of your foot, you give yourself more space to strike the ball. The more service area you use the less room there is for era. The third skill that you want to work on is shooting. By shooting a soccer ball really gives you an edge over the goal keeper in the other team. The thing to remember when striking a soccer ball or shooting a soccer ball is that you want to use your laces. By using your laces, it'll create a dip on the ball which will make the ball move and the goal keeper won't expect it. Also, by using your laces, you're using the hardest part of your foot which will create as much power on the ball as you can and those are just some skills training that you can do in soccer.