Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I want to talk about how to grow Damiana. Now it's a beautiful shrub from South America that grows really well and is used for many many different medicinal reasons. But to grow it there is only a few simple things that you need and here's the materials. So you'll need a Damiana plant and you'll need a container if you're going to grow it in a container or you can put it in a raised bed in a flower bed. It needs good drainage. You need some, I like this gravel and soil mix because I have found that any plant that is from the arid really warm region likes really good drainage and rocky conditions so if you start with gravel and soil mixed together it's got good drainage and it will grow really well, whereas if you just put it in deep thick soil it might not do well. So the first step is take your container and fill it at least half way full with the gravel and the soil. Step two, take your starch and put it into the pot and make sure that it's towards the middle of the pot with room around it. Step three, add more soil on top, try to keep it so that it's centered. So cover the whole plant and leave it so that the roots are covered but the main stem is exposed because if you put the gravel and dirt up too far it will suffocate. So once you have the plant in the container put it in the hottest sunniest spot that you can find. Now Damiana sometimes will sun burn if you live inland and it gets so hot and dry so if you live in a really really hot climate inland then make sure and put it in part shade but if you live near the coast or a colder climate make sure and put it in full sun. So Damiana is a beautiful shrub that grows really well in any garden and has gorgeous yellow flowers and it's a really pretty addition to your garden.