Video transcription

Hi I'm Dr. Bob Pane with South Kendall Animal Clinic. Let's talk a little bit about collecting a urine sample from your dog. It's also pretty funny to see this in our practice. Some dogs are very good obviously, males like to label every tree so we usually tell them to get a nice clean dish pan and try to catch it and then we pour that into a cup that's sterile, make sure that it's obviously sterile. It can't be left very long because if it stays for more than an hour or two you'll get abnormal results that are artificial, artificial meaning they will have too much bacteria or something growing in it that really wasn't there to begin with. In females it is a little harder to catch because they tend to be a little bit sensitive about you getting behind them so we take a small dish pan and we put it underneath their vulva when they squat. Sometimes if they're difficulty catches then we often will try doing it several times with a leash. Sometimes we will wait until the morning when they have no choice but to urinate so you try to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible when you catch it but if you do catch it try to catch it as fresh and clean as possible because if you get grass or dirt in it it will form false results for your veterinarian. Again if it lasts too long in the pan or in the cup then you need to discard that and try again. What we look for in urinary tract infection is blood, crystals, bacteria, and if we see those then we need to treat those. If it is a bacteria obviously antibiotics, sometimes we culture it. If there is crystals in it we may recommend taking you to X-ray because you could have stones. If the bladder doesn't concentrate its urine sometimes we worry about kidney disease and obviously if you have glucose in the urine we worry about diabetes and we will run glucose levels in the blood. So there is many things a veterinarian will do with this urine once you bring it to the veterinary clinic but do not store it over night because it will probably give us artificial results. So try to catch it fresh and bring it to your veterinarian fresh.