Video transcription

Hi my name is Sunshine with Sunshine Safety. I'm located here in Snellville, Georgia. I have been involved in the health and safety business for approximately 15 years. I started out as a lifeguard and eventually became an instructor. Today we're going to learn how to wrap an injured shoulder using an Ace bandage. I'm using a thicker Ace bandage with it's own adhesive that adheses directly to the bandage and it's reusable. We're going to ask the victim to stay completely still so that when we wrap they don't cause any further injury or pain. You're first going to start at the top and wrap around the shoulder twice. After the second wrap you're going to go around the back, going across the victims chest. Now you do want the chest strap to be nice and snug which helps give added support to your victims shoulder. Pull it up and attach the adhesive to the Ace bandage. It's important that if you still have further injury or pain after a week, that you do want to seek medical treatment. Usually shoulder injuries are due to sports, overhead injuries using a volleyball serve or swinging a golf club could cause a shoulder injury. If you feel a sharp pain or a quick tightening of your shoulder it's normally a shoulder injury. It's important that you keep your shoulder still. And if you decide to wrap you may either use ice and heat combination or ice by itself under the wrap.