Video transcription

Hello, Dan LeSeiuer here with DK LeSieur Landscape Maintenance; Washougal, Washington. I've been asked to talk to you folks about how do we prepare our yard for seed. Well as you can see I've taken a little area in this grass and put some dirt down. What I like to do, I like to start out with some new lawn starter. It's a light fertilizer; real easy and you get this at any hardware store and it comes with its own little shaker. So I'm going to shake a little bit on; you can see; okay. There you go. Get some new fertilizer on there. Another thing I like to put on is lime. Lime pellets, it breaks down the acid in the soil; so our lawn comes out evenly. And this you can just do by hand or you could use one of them hand spreaders for fertilizer; but we have a small area so we're just going to go ahead and do it by hand. And you can't put down too much lime. Lime's not going to hurt enough; but if it breaks down, it makes the soil really good. Also little thing about the lime, if you have pet; make sure you use this on your yard all the time. It'll keep those brown spots out. The seed; I got some seed here, I got it from our local feed store. It is made for the Pacific Northwest; designed for rainy, cold weather. This is really good. You need to check your own region to see what seeds you need. You might live in a really cold climate all the time or you can live in the dessert where you need a lot of water. This seed here does not need you to water a lot because it gets it natural. So here's how I'm going to spread this, you could also do this in the spreader and you want to do the grass seed lightly. Okay. I'm just spreading it nice and even. I don't know if you could see that in that picture; but it's not too bad. Just spread your hand and you don't want to put too much. If you too much it's not really going to come in like you want it. It's going to take longer actually to come in the more you put down and it won't be as full. It be really really blotchy. So this is how we prepare our soil for seed. We put some lime down; we put some starter fertilizer; put a little seed, we're good to go. This will start growing on about two weeks; you should start seeing some seeds. Six weeks you should have a, a pretty nice full lawn.