Video transcription

Hello Dan here with DK LeSieur Landscape Maintenance. I have been asked to talk to you folks today about spreading grass seed. Well that's a wide range of how to spread. I myself have some grass seed here. This is for the Pacific Northwest. I'm actually in Washougal, Washington and this grass seed actually works pretty much everywhere on the East side of the Cascades. This is called a sun and shade. I have gotten mine from a local feed yard that's the best place to go find your seed. This right here is just a regular fertilizing wand. You can buy it anywhere. What I like to do is I put mind on number one. It lets out the less, most least so you can see right there inside. I'm going to move it down some so you can see how that thing lifts up and down. So let's set it on one and as you can see this grass here does need some grass seed so I'm going to put a little bit in here and I'm going to walk and I'll show you folks how to do the thing and let's make sure we don't over seed. It doesn't, you don't need as much seed as you may think. Grass itself will reseed itself, kind of confusing but it does. So now you have seen I have put some seed in the spreader and again there is many different types of spreaders, just make sure we don't over seed. Everybody always thinks you need more, you don't. A little goes a long way. Alrighty so we've got our grass seed down. Let's make sure we water it, let's stay off of it for a couple weeks. You are going to start seeing sprouts. You should see them within a week, maybe two and you are more than welcome to start mowing it four weeks later. So let it come in and let it take its time. Let mother nature take its course. It will grow. Just water it.