Video transcription

Hello my name is Dan LeSieur. I'm the owner of DK LeSieur, Incorporated. We are a landscape contractor in The City of Washougal State of Washington. Today we're going to talk about push mower blades and sharpening them. This is a 20 inch push mower. As you can see down here, this is our blade and I can touch it. It is not sharp and then on the bottom we have another blade, this spiral takes and cuts. It works more like scissors than anything else so on sharpening this, there is no actual sharpening. You might have a bur in here and what you are going to do is just take your file very evenly and do that and we're going to take the burs off but I do highly recommend that something like this you would take to a lawnmower shop and have sharpened. There is a lot of pinch points. You could get your finger in there. I have seen a lot of accidents where people lose their fingers. Not a good idea so remember always think safety when you're doing this stuff. Pretty much that is sharpening a blade. You can see you pull the wheels and it moves them and again sharpen and this is just a diamond cut file. It comes with a double edge on the other side and again we are just going to take off the burs. We're not sharpening so it is nice and blunt. No cut to the finger, either side and the same with the bottom blade. So that is our 20 inch push mower blade. You see, and that's how you sharpen a blade.