Video transcription

Hi this is Lauden Vergara, and I am with ABC Bartending Schools here in Miami, Florida. In this clip we are going to show you how to make a peach margarita. Now what is a margarita? It is typically a Mexican drink, which is tequila, triple sec, and sour mix. Well sour mix is a lemon lime very concentrated taste of sour, and froth. It gives it a nice little frosty end on top of your drink. Well we are going to make a peach margarita. We are going to start off with your tin of ice, we are going to use one of my favorites Patron. Pour about four seconds worth in there we want to make this good and stiff drink for you. I'm going to get some peach schnapps. Peach schnapps they come in all different kinds of brands, but it taste like peach. Really sweet product, and go ahead and put about two seconds in there. Then we are going to add the traditional sour mix. Well remember I said it is a very concentrated lemon lime with a frost, and it gives it a nice look. Well we are going to also add a little bit of natural peach nectar, just a little bit. Just to give it that fuzzy feeling. Then we are going to give it a nice shake. You want to make sure you shake it really good, because margaritas need to be shaken. Now this is a very refreshing drink. It's as not as salty as the typical margarita that is sour citrusy. It is going to be a more sweet flavor for you. And maybe you want to garnish it with a little peach slice or throw some natural nectar over the top, just like that. And you have got your peach margarita. Thank you for watching, this is Lauden.