Video transcription

Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb" for You want to raise cherries from seed. Well you can do that. Typically you are going to take the seed from a viable fruit, one that you've enjoyed. You are going to let the seed dry out. You are probably going to stick it into a plastic bag with some perlite and maybe stick it in your refrigerator for maybe about two to three months. It is called stratification and in the wild you know natural situation, the seed would be underneath a bunch of leaf litter and in the cooler parts of the country it would go through a natural kind of near freezing type temperature and then thawing. So you put it in the refrigerator or if you want to put it in the freezer for maybe a month and then take it out and maybe put it back into the refrigerator you're going to help kind of duplicate what would happen naturally in nature and that is the seed tends to be broken when it goes through a cooling and heating process. Going through the stratification sometimes people will nick the seed a little bit and that's called scarification and that may also be done on some of the cherry seeds and some of the other northern fruit trees as well. When you do take it out, plant it about one half inch to one inch deep, plant it in a good potting soil, water it in well and of course wait. I'd label the pot because it may take a little longer for the cherry seed to come up than many of your other seeds that you've tried to do in the past. It's fun to do and of course remember when you do get a seed from a northern fruit tree it is probably going to be a little bit different than the mother plant but that's part of the beauty of raising things from seeds. For raising cherry seeds I'm Stan DeFreitas, "Mr Green Thumb".