Video transcription

How to rig your line for trout. Well, you have got your floating line coming off your fly rod, and then you have got your leader. A good tapered leader, different lengths depending on your fly. This one happens to be twelve foot, five X. It is a good all around leader for low water fishing, dry fly, low water, dry fly fishing. Once you have attached your leader through the leader loops on the fly line itself. Those are done through the perfection loops. You attach your fly with an improved clench knot. This happens to be a dry fly parachute style dry fly. Once you have got that attached, it is time to go out make a few casts, make a nice presentation, and hopefully if the fish are biting, you are going to have all kinds of fun. Keep in mind while rigging your leader to your fly line loops that you go over your fly line loop with your leader. Pass the leader material through the loop on the fly line, and then pull it through, lock it tight, that gives you a nice tight connection between your fly line, your fly, all the way back to your fly rod tip, and your reel, and your hand, which is very critical for field, and setting a hook. If you break off your leader again you can take and add tipid material, which I also will carry with me the assorted sizes of tipid material. Six X, five X, three X, four X, depending the size of the fly I will tie this on with a double surgeons knot to my existing leader, and then tie my fly onto what is called the tipid material.