Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to grow a mango from the seed. Now a mango is one of my favorite fruits. It's just so delicious and you can actually grow it even in cold climates. You treat it kind of like a lemon tree. It is from a really tropical zone so it does not want to freeze or even go below 50 degrees without doing any damage so if you are growing it in a colder climate you want to make sure that you never cool it down too much. Now you have got to remember naturally the mangoes fall out of the tree. Their fruit rots. The seed inside kind of dries out and then it will mulch itself and then it will grow new starts for the next year. So you can pretty much do the same thing at home. Take a ripe mango and take the seed and you can dry it out if you want or what I like to do is just to put it right into a container with dry soil and just leave it dry for a couple weeks and then let it kind of set in there and so you can plant it sideways or up and down it does not matter because the plant is going to come out of the sides. So even by just planting it sideways in a pot and then just covering it with about two or three inches of soil and then watering it well but kind o really let it dry out in between because mangoes do not ever want to sit in water but yet they don't want to dry out completely and you put this in a full hot sunny spot and pretty much ignore it as long as you keep it kind of moist and you'll find out that before long you will have your own mango tree.