Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to grow bell peppers. Now I love all kinds of peppers. They are so wonderful with salad and Mexican dishes and Chinese food, it doesn't matter what you eat, bell peppers are a great addition. Now they're so easy to grow as a plant. They are from a really warm climate so as long as you don't let them freeze and you start them late in the season, you don't want to start the in early early Spring, you want to start them when it's warmed up to at least 70 at night and during the day. So whenever you are getting some really hot weather is the time to start them. You can start them from seed or you can get them by plant. So when you plant them by seed just put them right into the soil and cover them just a couple inches deep or even one to two inches deep and keep them moist or you can buy them already growing and then just put them right into a good potting mix is best, good drainage is also good. Raised beds are the best because they want heat and they want to not ever sit in water but they want to be wet at the same time. This bell pepper is doing wonderfully and it will just keep growing and growing and it's going to flower and then those flowers are going to turn into peppers. By late Fall it will grow and grow and I can harvest my own bell peppers from my own bell pepper plant. It's that easy.