Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to grow a lemon tree from a seed. Now there is many different types of lemons and my favorite is the Myers Lemons because they get really big and you can start them from any actual lemon that you find. Basically you just open up your lemon and collect the seeds. Now you can dry those seeds out or you can use them right away. I have found that the longer that you leave fruit to ripen the better the seeds are, so if you have a real green lemon and you get the seeds they might not generate whereas you get a lemon that's almost on to the rotten side then the seeds themselves are going to be probably better to use. So once you have the seeds you can turn around and dry them and store them in an envelope or you can put them right into the soil directly. Now just like any other seed you just need to plant it about one inch deep and you want to keep any type of lemon in a hot hot sunny spot because they do not like shade and they do not like to be cold. So when you plant it you only want to plant it about one inch deep so you can just stick it right into the ground, cover it up and mist it really well so that you don't use too much pressure and that the seed just comes right out and you will find if you put it in a sunny spot keep it moist, but not sitting in water so it never drains out eventually it will sprout and you'll have your own lemon tree.