Video transcription

Hi there, my name is Lisa; I'm here from World Of Gymnastics in Woodstock, Georgia. We coach gymnastics; we also have cheerleading here at our campus and then there's swimming across the street. So we have a family field in our campus. Now we're going to discuss some of the balances that we teach our kids here at World of Gymnastics. We start with just single leg balances where she's actually holding her leg up as high as she can and try to control that balance. She can turn it from the front; she can go out to the side, making sure that that knee is turned up and then she can swing it all the way to the back. And we call this an arabesque. If she drops her shoulders a little bit and lifts her leg up higher than her rear end, we call this as scale. We're looking for a nice full split. So as you can see, Julie's helping Emma in maneuvering or into that full splitting; getting a really good stretch. She's going to feel a pinch right here in her back; that way she knows that she's stretching the right area. Once they've mastered that they can work on doing it in repetitions. So they can just make circles with that leg. She's going to lift it up in front, roll it to the side and roll it in back; trying to keep it level and then roll it back in front; all the way around. Another balance that we utilize here at World of Gymnastics is called the T. She's going to reach her arms up in front and lift her back leg; showing that nice tight T position. This helps her lever into hands, hands in cartwheels. So she's going to go all the way up to her hands, stand and try to balance in that hand stand position. You can see how her head is nice and tight, her back is nice and flat. From that position she can either step down into a regular hand stand or into a lunge again. She can also show us that nice tight T and she can do her hand stand and turn into a side hand stand. So she can do her hand stand, turn one hand and balance in her side hand stand. And as you see Julie's fixing her body positions at all times. Now Emma's going to climb up and she's going to show you how she can do that hand stand on her own. Showing you that T and the squeeze. Very good.