Video transcription

Hi I'm Jason with Greenhouse Pest Management; Atlanta's only true natural pest control company. Today we're going to talk about household remedies for bees and wasps. A lot of companies will come out, spray pesticides all over your house unneedingly in areas that don't even have bees or wasps; saying they're going to prevent them. The household remedy for bees and wasps that best suits anybody that's not going to be a problem for the environment; problem for you; problem for anybody is simply soap and water. Once you find the bees nest, just simply take it; you know, like in a pump spray or possibly; just go up there and just soak that nest down. What it does is it clogs up the insects ability to breathe and weighs them down and you'll actually see them fall out in clumps just covered with soap and water; eventually they will die. It's going to be any sort of pesticide you use 'cause you're not putting pesticides in the air and you know, the wasps and bees once you do spray them with that soap and water they still can sting you. So don't go up there and pick them up and look at them. You want to make they're dead before you'll actually knock the nest down. What we do for bees and wasps is we use a natural pesticide; it's a natural wasp killer; shoots twenty feet away. It's, it's just about like soap and water, it's safe for everybody. I will say, yeah, if you're allergic to bees and wasps, your yard is a very big job; somewhat out of your hand; I would recommend calling your local pest, pest control professional. If you want to do it yourself, simply take a soap and water like I said and soak it down; it's a quick fix; take care of your problem.