How Long Does a Water Softener Last?

Video transcription

The average life of this system is typically about ten to fifteen years. If it's something that you know how old it is, it's time to have somebody start looking at it as far as it's time to, to look at maybe replacement at that point in time or maybe their components are going bad such as your brine tank or maybe your resin's going bad in, in the system itself. At that time frame is when you're really need to start having things looked at. Sometimes they'll go a lot longer than that, you know, I've been them go as much as twenty years; depending on once again, the usage itself and, and what the families do. The average life of, of a system like this once again comes back to ten years, but you can have two or three families come in the house in that, in that time frame and each one of them; you know, one might use twice as much as the previous family. So it comes back to kind of to the usage and a certified guy can really give you an idea if it's going to be time or not. Another, other signs that you want to look for is if you're not using the salt; it's, you know, it's important that you try to figure out why that's happening because that could be that it's not washing it, it's not doing what it's suppose to and when little components start going bad on a system like this, sometimes if they're past ten years, they can nickel and dime you to death to where it would have been goo to just spend the money to get a system replacement and go from there.

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