Video transcription

Today I'm going to tell you how to fish with a plastic grub or a plastic worm. This is rigged with a lead head so it has a lot of advantages. It'll go to the bottom quickly. It will also swim back to the boat and imitate a crayfish or a bait fish. Alright, the next step is to cast it out to a likely looking spot. Usually around a rock, around a tree, some place that makes good habitat. Let that bait hit bottom because bass like to watch it come down and they're curious and they'll go over and inspect that lure on the bottom. Now you can either lift it up and set it down or you can really it slowly and gently all the way back. Either one of those techniques should be tried because the fish will tell you on any given day which retreat they prefer. Sometimes they like it to hop off the bottom. Other times they like it to swim along the bottom. Give them a choice, let them pick, and you'll be fishing with plastic baits.