Video transcription

Hello! My name is Sherie Tengbergen and I'm the author of the DVD The Watercolor Gourmet Cooks for You. In this clip, I'm going to show you how to do some stippling techniques using different brushes in watercolor. The first brush I want to talk about is what's called a funny brush and it's made up of rubber bands. You can take a felt pen holder, put some rubber bands together and you got yourself a funny brush. And by loading up the funny brush in green and browns, different colors and then popping it down on your paper, you can make bushes. Like you see in this picture right here. These were all done with the funny brush. The more colors you put on it, the less water you use, of course the darker the spot. So, it makes great brushes, bushes on your paper using this funny brush. The other thing that I love to use is to make my grasses and my leaves on my trees by using just an old sponge. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take a small fine brush here and I'm just going to paint a real quick tree, just real easy going tree here. And now, I'm going to take my sponge and I want to make sure I get a little bit wet and I squeeze it out really good and then I'm going to dip it in green and I'm going to dip it in gold or what I call yellow ochre and then I want it always check it out a little bit. And then by taking my sponge and just dabbing it up and top down on top of my branches, I can make really great leaves and this is also a really nice stippling technique and you can pick up other colors. You can put, pick up burnt sienna if you want some darker leaves and let's say that it's fall and you would like to have some fall colors. Again, I'm going to get my sponge wet. I'm going to pick up some cadmium orange and I'm going to pick up some cadmium red. You see on my sponge? And now I'm going to pop up and down with my sponge on that same branch and now I've got an autumn scene. Now it's important with this technique that you always do the branches first. You want your branches to just pick out through the leaves that you've created using the sponge. So, that's a couple of really easy techniques to put stippling into your watercolors. This is Sherie Tengbergen and thank you for watching.