Video transcription

Let's talk about how to treat a pulled muscle in a dog. A pulled muscle needs to be diagnosed by your veterinarian first. A pulled muscle can look like a lot of other things. Like tendinitis, arthritis, toe problems, toenail problems you name it. So get an accurate diagnosis first. Pulled muscles is actually very common, because dogs are obviously very muscled, and they are very active. And so they can do the same thing that we can do, which is injure one of those muscles. Now muscle pain is a deep sore pain obviously. And once it is diagnosed there are certain things you can do to treat that. One is using medications for pain. An anti-inflammatory is like non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. There are lots of these that work very well, and your veterinarian can help you with that. Other things that you can do to treat pulled muscles are actually resting your pet for a week to two weeks depending on how severe the injury is. Other things is actually using heat and massage therapy. Now using a low heat you never want to use a heating pad without something in between, and you always want to use it on low. But you can use something warm over that area to increase blood flow, and increase healing. Also massage directed by your veterinary clinic can also be very helpful in healing, and working out pulled muscles. Time is you biggest factor on healing these things as well. It is going to take time after a pulled muscle to get it fully healed just like it is with us. Talk to your regular clinic first also, and let them know or they will let you know what the diagnosis is, and they can help you with the appropriate therapy.