Video transcription

Hi, my name is Victoria Calvin with Splish-n-Splash Mobile Pet Spa in Miami, Florida. Let's talk about what to do if your dog has itchy dry skin. Itchy dry skin is a very common skin problem that you will find amongst all different breeds of dogs. If your dog is suffering from this, your best treatment is going to be a medicated shampoo such as this one. What this is going to do, is alleviate the dryness and also moisturize their skin, which will prevent flaking, which will prevent itchiness. You follow this up with a conditioner, such as this one which is also a medicated conditioner, or a regular conditioner. The key to alleviating dry skin is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. So you can also get coconut oil and mix it into either one of your conditioners to provide longer lasting effect. The coconut oil will trap the conditioner in the dog's hair follicles which will continue to be released days after you wash them. You want to make sure that you don't over shampoo your dog, which will dry out the skin more, and you want to make sure you moisturize at least once a week to help alleviate the dry itchy skin. Well some dogs are more prone to skin issues, such as bulldogs and poodles, any dog can suffer. If you find that your dog is scratching uncontrollably where breaking skin while scratching, you will want to get him checked out by a veterinarian to make sure that this is not more of a problem than you think. If you're just trying to manage it, another option would also be to put on an anti-itch spray. This will help alleviate scratching and un-comfort that your dog might be feeling. Also leavening conditioners are a great way to moisturize in between baths and keep your dog from feeling as itchy as he would, if his skin was all dried up. Also another helpful tip would be brush your dog's coat gently with a soft bristle brush. Do not use anything that's going to aggravate the skin more such as a slicker brush.