Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jan. Today I'm going to show you how to crochet a square. To start our square, you're going to chain five, one, two, three, four, five, then slip in to the first stitch to form the circle. Now I'm going to chain three, one, two, three. Going to work two double crochets in to the circle, one, two, chain two. The chains make the corners, and the double crochets make the sides of the square. Now I'm going to work three double crochets in to the circle, chain two. Now I have two sides of the square completed. Work three more double crochets in to the circle, chain two. Work three double crochets for the last side, chain two for the last corner, and join it to the first of the beginning there with a slip stitch. Now we've got four sides, and four corners. Time to change colors. I'm just going to tie on a new color. Start the new color by chaining three, working two double crochets, chain two makes our corner. Make two more double, work three double crochets in that space, and repeat that in the other corners. Then join it to the last of the row with a slip stitch, like that. If you want a small square, you could stop right now, but if you want a larger square, let's do one more row. Time to change colors again. I've joined the yarn in to one of the chain spaces, and I'll start it off by doing three single crochets, that always takes the place of one of our double crochets. Work two more double crochets in that space. Repeat what you did in the corners, you work that all the way around. When you're all done, your square will look just like this. I'm Jan coming to you from the Yarn Company in Palm Desert, California. These are my ideas on crocheting squares.