Video transcription

The cleaning solutions that I use for wood floors are manufactured by the manufacturers of wood floors and the manufacturers of finish for wood floors. I encourage the use of these products because they are chemically compatible with the products that are manufactured as finishes for hardwood floors produced by the manufacturers of the finish. But if you put the wrong thing on the floor, depends on how you put it on. If you put on something that's abrasive, you can scratch the finish. If you put on too much of a product repetitively that's not really designed for a hardwood floor, you can cloud the finish of the floor so that in one area the finish may look very shiny, may look bright and be appealing. Next to it, you can have an area that's very cloudy and unattractive and not understand why there's a difference. I've seen people use garment, I've seen people use steel wool and those things will damage the finish on your hardwood floor. I don't encourage anyone to use that. I don't encourage using something that's highly acidic in nature. There are some good hardwood cleaning solutions available but again they come from the manufacturers. They're the ones that I endorse using.