Video transcription

Well, a lot of times when people are talking about home remedies for cats, they usually mean a remedy that is not prescribed, that you don't go to a veterinary's office, you don't go to a clinic for. Unfortunate for mange specifically, before we had last ten or fifteen years they can came up with a lot of different treatment that are very easy and not very expensive and so a home remedy really is an appropriate thing to do for mange in cats. Sometimes you can get the products over-the-counter or you can go to a I know to your locally some of the fleas stores like Adway and Farmer Supply or Pet shops might carry some of these products. But cleaning up the cat itself is good but you really in order to get rid of the mite, using one of these process is the best and what I found that I found most convenient is called Revolution. It's just done this box contains three doses and that's usually this treatment course, you want to do it for two or three months in a row, each dose being for one month for an average size cat. The problem with mange and having that is that if you have the cats in the house, it's contagious. So, you have to be very careful that you don't want to just do it to one cat that you think that has the problem, you have to do it to all your cats, all the animal, all the animals in the house should be included although dogs usually don't pick up cat mange and cat don't usually get dog mange so there are different treatments for that. But and then you want to vacuum well, clean the bedding, if they lay eggs some of the eggs are on the cat and also some of these can be contagious to people not that they would actually live on the cat I mean on the person from the cat but that you might get minor bites and so a home remedy is appropriate in certain cases and in this case I think the best one to use is something that either call your veterinarian for this product or see if you can find Revolution over-the-counter.