Video transcription

Hi my name is Marc Mencher, president of and we're here at Darkside Games Studios in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. On average a game designer is making 67, 68,000 dollars a year. It's really tricky to try to pin in on a salary level for game designers because there's so many breakdowns in the career from a level designer up to a creative director. So we'll see a creative director being paid a good 125 to 150k is a base salary of course with a bonus on top of that and generally a game designer who's mid-level is going to be getting at 67, 68k range with a bonus program. Currently about 94% of the game designers in our industry are male so we need definitely more females to get into the industry and to game design especially as we're developing games for more of a mass market that needs mass market appeal, it needs cross cultural appeal as well as gender crossing appeal. So we really want to encourage females to get into the game design career track.