Video transcription

Hi I'm Tim Gipson, and I am here to answer the question do you need planning permission to build a garage. Now in most cases a garage is considered a fixed or permanent building. So if it is built on a foundation that is poured, and is built with two by fours and some kind of exterior structure, and has a permanent roof over that where it cannot be relocated, that is what is considered a permanent structure. The international building code, which most municipalities have adopted across the country requires that certain standards be met in construction for any permanent structure. So again in most cases your garage, whether it is, particularly if it is attached to your house, or a free standing garage, will require that plans and specifications be submitted to your local building codes department in order to obtain approval, and then also permits in order to build that structure. So in just about any case, and in any municipality that you are you will be required to obtain a permit. And if you do not, if you just start building the construction, it is very common for codes personnel to find out about that, they will pay you a visit, and they will issue you a stop work order. And in most cases once that happens, there are fines that have to be paid in order to release that stop work order and allow work to continue on your structure. So it is always a good idea whenever you are going to build any structure always check in with your buildings and code department, and they will advise you on what is required for permitting, and what is not required for permitting. If you live within city limits typically that is going to be your city codes department, if you live outside the city limits, then that will be a county codes department. So usually if you go to your county or city facilities you will find the building codes, and they will be able to provide the proper guidance. So I am Tim Gipson, answering a question do you need plans approval to build a garage.