Video transcription

Let's talk about preparing your walls for painting after you've removed your wallpaper. The first problem is glue. There is adhesive that held that wallpaper to your wall and if it is not removed you are going to make the most beautiful crackle finish that you didn't want. So the best thing to do is to get some nice hot water and some sponges and some elbow grease. There's a product called TSP, it comes in a box. Trisodium phosphate. It will break down the glue fairly quickly. Put it on and the whole idea is to get all that glue off the wall before you do anything else. All of it. Or choose a different something to do on the wall. Like a textural finish or something where you don't have to remove the glue. If you're anything like me, when you've stripped wallpaper you have damaged your walls. Drywall mud, skim pan, joint knife. Fix the walls after you've removed all the paper. Allow that to dry. Sand, smooth. The last step is to apply your primer. If you're anything like me you like to save time. If you don't want to paint more than once, perhaps twice, you can tint your primer. Have it tinted at the store, at the paint shop to the color closest to what you want to paint. And then you only have to do one finish coat of paint and you'll be done.