Video transcription

Hi! My name's Kayti Brosnan. I'm a registered nurse here in Austin, Texas. And today, I'm going to talk to you about causes of numbness in fingers. It's good to know that there's a lot of things that can cause numbness in fingers. I'm just going to kind of briefly go through some things that could be causing the numbness. But it's really important, if you're having numbness in your fingers and it's over a prolong period of time, you really need to seek medical attention 'cos this can, this can be permanent if it's not dealt with immediately. Some of the things that can cause numbness in your fingers is some sort of an injury, nerve injury if you hurt your hand you severed a nerve with a laceration and that's causing some nerve injury. You have compression, you know, when you have pins and needles, your arm falls asleep, you're compressing a certain nerve that's creating that, that effect. So, you might have some sort of a compression or compression injury which is affecting the nerve and then it's manifesting through numbness in the fingers. Another thing that can be causing numbness is a cervical syndrome. Whether you have an injury with your spine or you have some sort of a debilitating disease which is causing kind of that compression on the nerve and manifesting through the fingers. Multiple sclerosis is often detected through signs and symptoms like this which is another reason why you really want to go to the doctor. It's not the only sign but it is an acute sign that there could be something going on. Raynaud's syndrome is very common where there's a the arteries are narrowed going to the fingers and so you get the cold and the numbness, usually associated with cold and stress. If you have diabetes, or you might not be diagnosed but be developing some symptoms of diabetes, it's called diabetic neuropathy, and this is when you're not getting as much blood flow and you're having nervous or nerve damage to your extremities which could also be causing numbness in your fingers. So, it's really important that you go to the doctor to find out what's going on especially if this isn't clearing up and irritate you. And those are some things that might cause numbness in your fingers.