Video transcription

How to give a shoulder massage. So, when working on the shoulder, it's; there's a few different areas of the body that people will come in and say, "My shoulder hurts." Often times, they're pointing to their neck, but technically, the shoulder is the area of the posterior scapula which is the rotator cuff. So, that's what I'm going to demonstrate here. So, I put the client's arm in this position and then working on the muscles of the rotator cuff, I'm going to sink into supraspinatus which is one of the first muscles of the rotator cuff, holding it when I feel any tender areas, checking in with the client to see if there are any tender areas or areas of pain referral and then moving on to infraspinatus, which as in the name of the muscle, is the muscle just below the spine of the scapula. And again, I always want to use my thumbs as much as possible, staying behind my thumbs, thinking about my own body technique.