Video transcription

My name is Endre Sos and I tell you how to cut dog nails. Cutting dog nails is not always easy because they sometimes don't cooperate you. So if you have someone who is helping you, it can be a great tool. If you catch the paw of the dog, use your index finger, you push it in the middle and then you can see, you can visualize the nail itself better because you can easily see the curve of the nail then. Usually the hind legs has a shorter nails and the front legs has longer nails, and it's always difficult to decide or at least needs some practice to decide, how much to cut from the nail. If you're not a professional nail cutter, begin only with the tip of the nail and then you will see more easily where the quick is, which is the living vessel inside the nail. It's easier to see on black color nails where the living part is, and if you have some practice, then it's more easy to decide the exact amount which must be taken away. So the most important thing if you occasionally get some bleeding, you have to stop it with ordinary flavor or ordinary soap because it can bleed for a long time. It's not serious bleeding normally, but can be quite frightening, especially for those who are not familiar with dog nails. For smaller breeds, you use the large toe nail clipper, and for larger breeds you can use the dog nail clipper. Okay Jeannie, okay Jeannie, okay Jeannie.